Ekklesia Rising 4-Week eCourse

Ekklesia Rising 4-Week eCourse

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Transform Your Life Through Experiencing More of God!

The Christian life is meant to be an exciting, life transforming adventure with God. A life of intimate relationship where we know His heart, hear His voice and become like Him in nature.

In this four-week course you will learn how to be lead into life changing encounters with Jesus and:

  • Experience a deep, transformational and on-going relationship with Holy Spirit
  • Live confidently and powerfully understanding who you are as a new creation
  • Experience God’s Presence as the source of your authority, strength and peace
  • Rest allowing God’s nature to flow through you to heal and empower others

Join us for this four week journey experiencing and enjoying the Lord.

What's Included:

  • 20 Empowering Video Teachings
  • Workbook with Daily Activations

Meet Liz

Liz’s life was forever changed by a physical visitation from Jesus Christ. This experience along with many other encounters over the last twenty years have created in her an insatiable hunger to live constantly connected to Gods Presence. When Liz speaks from this place she flows in a wisdom and revelation that has helped thousands of people around the world into this same experience.

Her greatest joy is to know God’s love and to help people from every walk of life become confident, powerful and whole as they experience His love for themselves and come to see the immense value of who they really are.